The III Global Conference on Child Labour will be chaired by the Brazilian government and is structured as follows:


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (deliberative nature) is responsible for organizing and holding the III Global Conference on Child Labour and is composed by:


  • Minister of Social Development and Fight against Hunger – Tereza Campello;
  • Minister of Labour and Employment – Manuel Dias; and
  • Minister of External Relations – Luiz Alberto Figueiredo.


National Organizing Committee

The National Organizing Committee (consultative nature) is responsible for assisting the Conference organization and is composed by interinstitutional representatives of employers, workers, civil society, government, the Judiciary, the Labour Prosecutor’s Office, as listed below:


  • Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger
  • Ministry of External Relations
  • Ministry of Labour and Employment
  • Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management
  • Ministry of Social Security
  • Ministry of Health
  • Human Rights Secretariat – Presidency of Brazil
  • Chief of Staff – Presidency of Brazil
  • General Secretariat of the Presidency – Presidency of Brazil
  • National Council for Social Assistance
  • National Council Children and Adolescent Rights
  • National Committee for Child Labour Eradication
  • National Forum for Prevention and Eradication of Child Labour
  • National Level Employers Representative: National Confederation of Industry and National Confederation of Commerce
  • National Level Workers Representative: Unified Workers’ Central and General Union of Workers
  • Federal District Government
  • International Labour Organization
  • Superior Court of Labour
  • Labour Public Prosecutor’s Office